IBEW 531
Money Purchase Plan "Annuity"

Local 531 Money Purchase Plan 

 Pension site at Prudential Finacial to check on your Money Purchase account...

Did you forget your User ID or Password?



 If you have never been to the Money Purchase Plan Website CLICK HERE.


Once you have Logged In to the Prudential Money Purchase Plan website, These are some of the pages and information you will find...


Start by creating a password.




This is where you can see your account balance.



Side bar on left is your control panel that allows you to see investment performance, change investments, future contributions, retirement calculators ,etc.

Take a second and get acquainted with this menu, it's important and links you to useful information about YOUR account!  Performance and Retirement Calculators are only a few links on this menu.  



Performance allows you to see how your investments performed 1 month, 3 months, 1 year , 5 years, etc.



Tools such as retirement calculators are available so you know if you are on track for a comfortable retirement.



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