IBEW 531
Honoring those who helped make us strong.

With the deepest regret we mourn the passing of our members.

1950 - 1959

Name Age Funeral Arrangements Date Passed Date Initiated
Raymond Nelson 64   Sep-59 Sep-51
E.S. Wilson     Aug-59  
Elton Rabets     Jul-59  
Floyd A. Zerber 51   Apr-59 May-42
James Chamberlain 79   Feb-59 Jul-42
R.A. Leonard     Jan-59  
H. Mead     Jan-59  
Allen Poppin     Feb-58  
C. Chumley     Sep-57  
E. Nagel     May-57  
R. Pattee     Apr-57  
C.J. Wills     Mar-57  
Art Hansen     Jan-57 Aug-47
James Reed     Dec-56  
C.G. Wilson     Nov-56  
L. Kilnowitz     Oct-56  
R. Pickut     Oct-56  
James Lucas     May-56  
Cancile Camille 51   Nov-55 Aug-51
Homer Fry     Nov-55  
Sells     Oct-55  
William Vories 46   Oct-55 Nov-51
Milton Ritchey 32   Apr-55 Dec-51
Austin Fritz 41   Jun-54 May-42
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